Silcu Dyed long hair grey cushion

65  35 
(Vat Included)
Sheep Type
35x35 cm / 1’2”x1’2”
Mid-tone and darker greys

Our Icelandic cushions are popular for adding a touch of luxury, style and comfort to your home. Our cushions feature dual-coated Icelandic sheepskin with a coat length of 10-20cm and a grey textile (100% polyester) back. Each product may vary slightly due to natural variations in the colour of each sheepskin.

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Reverse View

Nice Scent

Everyone likes a fluffy, warm and natural sheepskin but would rather have it without a strong smell. All our skins are dry-cleaned before arriving to our store in order to lose its natural smell.

Safe for adults & children

We do not use detrimental chromium harmful for health. All tanning agents used in tanning and finishing process meet essential European Union directives concerning the environmental preservation & protection.

Stoo Studio Sheepskin LifeStyle-19