How to clean sheepskin

Sheepskin clean and care

Wondering how to clean sheepskin ? As a natural, hard wearing product your sheepskin is remarkably durable and will need little maintenance in most conditions.

Generally it requires brushing with a pet brush or similar and/or a light vacuuming with regular airing and brushing combining to keep your sheepskin in perfect condition.
When you buy your sheepskin from us it has been specially cleaned using a gentle, safe and environmentally friendly cleaning process that leaves the sheepskin soft to the touch and odour free.

You’ll find that it stays in a fantastic condition for a long time after you buy it, so maintenance isn’t something you need to be overly worried about.

If you want to deep clean your sheepskin there are lots of gentle, organic products that you can buy to help with this including specially designed lanolin-rich sheepskin detergents and conditioners.
These products will help keep your sheepskin in its natural, soft condition and smelling fantastic.

If you happen to spill water on your sheepskin, we recommend drying with a towel first before leaving to dry in an airy, well-lit space. It shouldn’t damage the product at all and your sheepskin will dry out quickly, going back to its fluffy, warm best.

For more serious spills and stains we recommend taking your sheepskin to a dry cleaning service that specialises in leather cleaning, they will be able to advise you on how best to treat any more severe damage or cleaning requirements.